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Education Week

Company Known for Student Surveys Unveils New Tool for Teachers, October 2014

Education Week reports on Tripod’s new direct-to-teacher offering. This offering  provides teachers with access to a platform, at no cost, that allows them to conduct annual surveys of students designed to support their professional growth.

School Administrator

Students Evaluating Teachers, March 2014

Ron Ferguson and others discuss opportunities and challenges associated with using student surveys for teacher evaluations. Case studies of three school districts’ experiences weave together issues of research, practice, and buy-in.

Educational Leadership

Art and Science of Teaching: How to Show Student Learning, October 2013

Robert Marzano takes on the increasingly controversial practice of using standardized test scores to evaluate teaching. He offers two main alternatives to value-added measures: other types of common assessments—and student surveys.

The Atlantic

Why Kids Should Grade Teachers, October 2012

In-depth descriptions of student survey initiatives at four D.C. schools provide a nuanced look at questions of reliability, maturity, cost, and more. A key takeaway: “Test scores can reveal when kids are not learning; they can’t reveal why.”

Education Week

Next Up in Teacher Evaluations: Student Surveys, July 2012

Rob Ramsdell is featured at a Center for American Progress event bringing together educators and policymakers to discuss the role of student feedback in improving instruction. One teacher recalls how skepticism gave way to excitement when she first received her Tripod survey results.

US News

Student Feedback May be Underutilized in High Schools, July 2012

Researchers’ findings and practitioners’ experiences combine to make the case for using Tripod surveys in high schools. As one union official explains, “I don’t think there is a single teacher … who doesn’t leap at the information that is in the reports that come back from these surveys.”

The New York Times

Closing the Achievement Gap Without Widening a Racial One, February 2011

A profile of Ron Ferguson situates his work with student surveys in the broader context of efforts to close achievement gaps. Of Ferguson, a colleague says, “He has done more to help us understand the dynamics behind the achievement gap than anyone else in the country.”

The New York Times

What Works in the Classroom? Ask the Students, December 2010

Findings from the early stages of the Measures of Effective Teaching Project confirm what Tripod’s developer set out to change: “As a nation, we’ve wasted what students know about their own classroom experiences instead of using that knowledge to inform school reform efforts.”

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