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Tripod Education Partners works with states, districts, and schools to gather, organize, and report on student, teacher, and family perspectives. As pioneers in the field, Tripod’s nationally recognized surveys were first developed in 2001 by Dr. Ronald F. Ferguson of Harvard University with educators in Ohio. Our surveys gather data from students about themselves, their classrooms, and their schools. They collect feedback from teachers about their experiences as teachers and perspectives about strengths and opportunities for improvement. Tripod surveys also provide an opportunity to gather valuable feedback from families.

Tripod's 7Cs Student Survey

The 7Cs Student Survey collects information about teaching practices and peer support at the classroom level.

Sample Items Construct
My teacher really tries to understand how students feel about things. Care
 My teacher gives us time to explain our ideas.  Confer
My teacher makes lessons interesting. Captivate
 If you don’t understand something, my teacher explains it another way.  Clarify
 My teacher takes the time to summarize what we learn each day.  Consolidate
 My teacher makes us explain our answers—why we think what we think.  Challenge
 Our class stays busy and doesn’t waste time.  Classroom Management
 Students in this class encourage one another to do well.  Peer Support


Tripod Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Survey

The Tripod Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Survey is designed to capture student perceptions of how diversity, equity, and inclusion play out in their school.

Sample Items Construct
This year at school, how often have the following groups treated you as if you are being “too sensitive” about issues of race, class, gender, sexuality, or ability? Everyday Discrimination
This year at school, how often have you shared personal feelings or had an honest discussion outside of class with students whose race (skin color) is different than your own? Frequency of Meaningful Interactions
This year at school, how many of your teachers led meaningful discussions about difficult topics? (For example: racism, sexism, or homophobia.) DEI in the Curriculum
This year at school, how frequently have you attended a school-sponsored event related to diversity, fairness, or inclusion? (For example: a cultural celebration, diversity fair, or art performance.) Co-Curricular DEI Activities
At this school, everyone tries hard to make all types of people feel included. Institutional Commitment to DEI

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Tripod Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Competency Survey

The Tripod Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Competency Survey is aligned to the CASEL framework and captures social and emotional strengths and weaknesses of students around relationship skills, responsible decision-making, self-awareness, self-management, and social awareness.

Sample Items Construct
When a friend is upset, I feel upset too. Social Awareness
I usually get started on difficult assignments right away. Self-Management
There are some things I am not able to learn. Self-Awareness
How often do you feel it is OK for you to be late to school? Responsible Decision Making
During the past two weeks at school, how often did you listen carefully to other people’s point of view? Relationship Skills

Tripod Survey for Families

The Tripod Survey for Families collects input from parents and guardians about a range of topics including amounts of homework, school climate, satisfaction, barriers to family engagement, and levels of stress and anxiety.

Sample Items Construct
Is the amount of homework your child is assigned appropriate? Homework
To what extent do you feel a sense of belonging in your child’s school community? Barriers to Engagement
How good is the school about providing information on the role you can play in your child’s education? Communication
Overall, how stressed is your child by the school’s academic demands? Stress and Anxiety
How high are the school’s expectations for your child? School Climate
How satisfied are you with your child’s school? Satisfaction


Tripod Pulse Survey for Beginning Teachers

The Tripod Pulse Survey for Beginning Teachers gathers weekly input from new teachers on topics including classroom management, stress, school climate, time management, professional growth, and levels of collaboration.

Sample Items Construct
In the past month, how often have you collaborated with colleagues to design instructional materials, lesson plans or to share resources?
Would you say that you continually try to improve your teaching? Professional Growth
In the past week, have you made good use of your preparation time? Time Management
How much do teachers in this school trust and respect each other? School Climate
In the past week, how nervous were you before class started?
In the past week, how well are you doing at dealing with disruptive students in your class? Classroom Management


Tripod Teacher Survey

The Tripod Teacher Survey captures information about school leadership and the extent to which there is climate of instructional support and schoolwide academic press.

Sample Items Construct
Overall my professional development (PD) experiences this year have helped me build new skills that have increased my effectiveness in teaching. Professional Development Quality
The principal at this school supports teachers in their efforts to improve teaching and learning. School Leadership
How often has an administrator visited your class to watch you teach for at least twenty minutes? Observation Frequency
Overall, I am satisfied with the teacher evaluation process at this school. Evaluation Quality
This school sets high standards for academic performance. Schoolwide Academic Press

Take Advantage of Flexible Implementation Models

Tripod offers a range of options for survey instruments and data collection methods:

  • Traditional, longer-form surveys allow input from families, teachers, and students through weekly surveys delivered via email or text message.
  • Customizable surveys allow flexibility to fit district needs and strategic goals.
  • Dashboards are available in real-time for school and district leaders.
  • Tripod also offers consulting services from our experienced team of researchers and implementation staff.

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