Guide to Tripod’s 7Cs Framework


Teachers who challenge students insist that they persevere and do their best work.
They hold students to high academic standards, encourage persistence, and monitor student effort.

Message to Students:

“I insist upon real understanding, not just memorization, and I will not let you give up, even when the work becomes difficult.”

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Sample Student Survey Items

(for different grade levels)

Indicators of an Exemplary Classroom

Teachers effectively challenge students through practices like these:

Reflection Questions

Consider these questions as you reflect on your classroom practice:

  • How do you set challenges that are at the appropriate level for each student’s growth?
  • How do you scaffold instruction to support students in rising to the challenges facing them?
  • How do you engage students in thinking deeply about key ideas?
  • What do you do when students respond superficially or incompletely?
  • How do you model the persistence and rigor that you expect from students?
  • How do you respond when students express doubts about their own abilities or begin to give up?
  • How do you recognize and provide positive reinforcement for students who succeed beyond their expectations?

Sample Strategies

Try implementing teaching strategies like these in your classroom:

  • Regularly communicate the expectation that all students can achieve challenging learning goals and you will support them in doing so.
  • Ask open-ended, higher-order questions and use thinking routines such as Think/Pair/Share to engage students in deepening and explaining their ideas.
  • Probe student responses with additional questions that invite them to expand their thinking.
  • Ask students to refine their work in light of feedback until it meets criteria for success.

We’ve curated a set of teaching resources for Challenge on BloomBoard. As you set goals and pursue professional learning opportunities, use these resource collections to access additional strategies, tools, and examples of effective practices in action.

Challenge: Pressing for Rigorous Thinking

Challenge: Pressing for Quality Work

Challenge: Pressing for Persistence

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