Guide to Tripod’s 7Cs Framework


Teachers who clarify help students understand content and resolve confusion. They explain ideas and concepts in a variety of ways, check frequently for understanding, address misconceptions, and provide useful feedback.

Message to Students:

“I can explain in a variety of ways, and when you are confused, I will help you understand.”

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Sample Student Survey Items

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Indicators of an Exemplary Classroom

Teachers effectively clarify through practices like these:

Reflection Questions

Consider these questions as you reflect on your classroom practice:

  • Do you provide orderly, structured explanations when introducing new ideas, including illustrative examples?
  • Do you anticipate questions by considering what students will likely find difficult?
  • Do you generate multiple explanations for potentially tricky concepts?
  • Do you use a variety of methods and media to present and explain content?
  • Do you regularly check for understanding using a variety of formal and informal assessment strategies?
  • Do you ask students to explain their reasoning to reveal points of confusion?
  • Do you share clear success criteria for student work and provide specific feedback based on those criteria?

Sample Strategies

Try implementing teaching strategies like these in your classroom:

  • Explain concepts using multiple media, including text, images, audio, and video.
  • Use rubrics to articulate criteria for success and describe a range of performance levels.
  • Use exit slips at the end of lessons to check student understanding and use responses to plan subsequent lessons, clarifying as needed.
  • Write comments on student work describing specifically what has been achieved and where more work is needed.

We’ve curated a set of teaching resources for Clarify on BloomBoard. As you set goals and pursue professional learning opportunities, use these resource collections to access additional strategies, tools, and examples of effective practices in action.

Clarify: Explaining Clearly

Clarify: Checking for Understanding

Clarify: Providing Constructive Feedback

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