Guide to Tripod’s 7Cs Framework


Teachers who consolidate help students integrate and synthesize key ideas. They summarize and make connections in ways that help students see relationships within and across lessons, remember ideas, and build understanding over time.

Message to Students:

“We review and summarize lessons to help make learning coherent and memorable.”

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Indicators of an Exemplary Classroom

Teachers effectively consolidate through practices like these:

Reviewing and summarizing

The teacher consistently reviews and summarizes content with students.

  • The teacher reviews and summarizes what has been taught at the end of each lesson, highlighting relationships among ideas.
  • The teacher facilitates activities in which students summarize what they have learned or apply it in new contexts.

Connecting ideas

The teacher effectively organizes and integrates content to make it easier for students to remember and understand.

  • The teacher explains connections between current lessons and previously learned facts, ideas, concepts, and skills.
  • The teacher invites students to make their own connections across the curriculum.

Reflection Questions

Consider these questions as you reflect on your classroom practice:

  • Do you summarize big ideas at the end of lessons and review them periodically?
  • Do you ask students to summarize and synthesize what they are learning?
  • Do you make explicit connections between lessons?
  • Do you help students make connections within and across the curriculum?
  • Do you refer to relevant current events or other meaningful applications of what students are learning to facilitate transfer of knowledge and skills?
  • Do your assignments require students to build on prior learning?
  • Do your assessments incorporate topics and skills from earlier lessons?

Sample Strategies

Try implementing teaching strategies like these in your classroom:

  • Use KWL charts to track what students know about a topic, what they want to know, and what they learn.
  • Explain to students how to underline, highlight, and/or annotate texts and then summarize the main ideas in their own words.
  • Begin and/or end lessons with references to previously taught topics and how they are connected.
  • Ask students to reflect on what they have learned and how it relates to other ideas or experiences.

We’ve curated a set of teaching resources for Consolidate on BloomBoard. As you set goals and pursue professional learning opportunities, use these resource collections to access additional strategies, tools, and examples of effective practices in action.

Consolidate: Reviewing and Summarizing

Consolidate: Connecting Ideas

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