Guide to Tripod’s 7Cs Framework


Teachers who confer encourage and value students’ ideas and views. They seek and respect students’ thoughts, opinions, and input as part of the learning process.

Message to Students:

“I invite, welcome, and respect your ideas and feedback.”

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Sample Student Survey Items

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Indicators of an Exemplary Classroom

Teachers effectively confer through practices like these:

Reflection Questions

Consider these questions as you reflect on your classroom practice:

  • How often do you invite students to share their ideas and opinions in the context of learning activities?
  • How often do you ask students to answer questions or solve problems together and discuss their responses?
  • How do you ensure that all students have opportunities to express their views?
  • How do you model respect for diverse viewpoints?
  • How do you respond when students ask unclear or unexpected questions or share divergent views?
  • How often do you provide students with opportunities to share their thoughts about how learning activities should proceed?
  • How often do you seek feedback from students about the effectiveness of learning activities?

Sample Strategies

Try implementing teaching strategies like these in your classroom:

  • Establish and model expectations for respectful classroom exchanges, especially in the context of disagreement. For example, ask students what respectful communication looks like, sounds like, and feels like.
  • Incorporate small group and whole class discussions into learning activities.

  • Invite students to share their views about how to structure specific learning activities or how to handle classroom dilemmas.
  • Ask students to give each other feedback about how their work meets established criteria.

We’ve curated a set of teaching resources for Confer on BloomBoard. As you set goals and pursue professional learning opportunities, use these resource collections to access additional strategies, tools, and examples of effective practices in action.

Confer: Respecting Perspectives

Confer: Promoting Discussion

Confer: Inviting Input

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